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Podcast Interview with Charlotte Kangume, Co-Founder of Amputee Self-Help Network

by Hanna Rabah

In our latest podcast interview, WI-HER Associate, Knowledge Management, Elizabeth Kemigisha speaks with Charlotte Kangume, the co-founder of the Amputee Self-Help Network Uganda.

Charlotte is changing the world through her advocacy work as well as her psychosocial rehabilitation with amputees. An accessibility and inclusivity activist, as well as an amputee and survivor herself, Charlotte shares:

“If you look at my posts or photos, I normally post while showing my limb, because I am very proud of my metal. I want people to know me. I want young girls to look at me: if that lady can walk with her limb out there, and she’s not afraid, and she’s still dressing nicely and looking beautiful, then why can’t I? I want to be a role model to the young generation so I keep posting such positive material.”

Charlotte is a strong force in disability advocacy and inclusion, and she has a message that everyone needs to hear.

We invite you to listen in to the full interview:

A preview of the interview is accessible here:

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