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How We Work

WI-HER designs and implements custom, locally-led programs that reach beyond conventional approaches to co-create holistic, integrated solutions grounded in data and experience through a blend of behavioral change, human design, and organizational improvement science. We apply this approach across a range of human development disciplines, including health, climate resilience, and workforce development.

Sustainable change starts by deeply understanding the intricate web of lived experiences that can hinder an individual’s agency to participate in a solution. We’ve learned that outcomes are best achieved when individuals are brought into the design process and directly help to lead and assess solutions as they are being implemented.

Dr. Taroub Harb Faramand founded WI-HER after witnessing firsthand how interventions struggled with results and sustainability when activities did not include local actors, including harder-to-reach people and communities.

We Design Custom Solutions that Achieve Results

Systemic barriers inhibit progress and innovation at all levels. By analyzing data and applying the science of improvement, we dive deep into understanding the barriers that can influence processes, policies, and ultimately outcomes. Our results-driven process and tools help our partners identify and implement contextually-specific, sustainable solutions that improve outcomes across sectors, from healthcare to workforce development, climate resilience, and more.

We Foster Locally-Led Change In the Hardest to Reach Communities

WI-HER was founded to achieve results for individuals who are far too often excluded. Based on data, we have known from day one that change must be locally led. Our tools and approaches put communities, organizations, and institutions in the driver’s seat and at the heart of interventions to co-create tools, resources, and solutions that drive real sustainable change that benefits everyone. Read more.

We Learn, Innovate, and Adapt Together

We use real-time data and learning to continuously adapt and innovate. This ensures our programs are of the highest quality and that results are sustained over time. Ultimately, we work with partners to strengthen capacity and transfer systems and processes so they become the conveners and designers of change processes and continuous adaptations moving forward.

We Strengthen Systems

We partner with governments, service providers, civil society organizations, and other key actors to guide strategic collaboration that ultimately achieves results at all system levels, including improved service delivery and greater equity, resiliency, and resource optimization. 

We Break New Ground

We continue to push boundaries. Drawing on research and local data from our work, we synthesize learning to inform and influence local, regional, and global issues ranging from policy reform to program design. Emerging areas of work include social inclusions for new technologies like AI, gender-responsive procurement, human protection, and gender-based violence in value chains.  

Stories of Impact

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