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Our Impact

WI-HER facilitates equitable, just, and inclusive change. We catalyze holistic and integrated solutions that amplify the power and voices of individuals and communities to achieve sustainable change.

Improving Health Outcomes

We break barriers related to healthcare service delivery by working with local stakeholders to co-create solutions that improve access to, utilization, and quality of health care.

Fostering Workforce Development & Safety

We develop highly customized training curricula and programs based on our client’s operating environment. This often involves enabling local communities and organizations to take leadership roles; creating tools; and organizing workshops that foster leadership skills and address sensitive topics and issues, including workplace safety and sexual harassment prevention. Read more.

Advocating for Climate Resilience & Biodiversity

We take an intersectional approach to strengthening environmental ecosystems by working with local organizations and communities to improve conservation efforts and energy initiatives.

Building Inclusive Development

We help our partners and clients learn who is being missed or not heard in their projects and initiatives, and co-develop inclusive solutions that influence the development of systems, policies, tools, and resources. In all our efforts, we consider issues related to gender equity and social inclusion, and how we can best reach the populations far too often excluded.

Strengthening Food Systems

We transform food and agriculture systems by developing and implementing strategies that address inequities, ultimately improving nutritional outcomes and amplifying the involvement of women, girls, and youth in food and agriculture value chains and related initiatives to improve health outcomes and economic participation.

Emerging issues

From what we’re learning across and within countries, we identify important emerging issues and technologies that impact the lives and well-being of all. We convene people, including the most marginalized, to design synergistic solutions that shape policies, procurement, and program design and implementation.

Stories of Impact

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