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Trainings: Evidence-based, participant-driven, and customized

Workplace culture matters, and providing opportunities for your staff to learn new skills not only increases retention but also builds a stronger company/organization—one that is more productive, innovative, and resilient.

As a global leader in institutional capacity strengthening, WI-HER designs evidence-based, interactive, customized training curricula and programs that meet specific and distinct organizational needs, from addressing structural biases related to gender, diversity, equity, and inclusion to fostering leadership skills, including navigating sensitive internal processes, such as policies related to workplace sexual harassment, and compliance-related requirements, such as human trafficking prevention. In addition, our training programs incorporate individual and/or group coaching elements to build on skills and awareness gained during training, which further supports transformational institutional improvements and change.

Our personalized training packages are specifically designed to optimize and build the capacity of both individuals and organizations in a range of industries/sectors, and our training programs have contributed in meaningful ways to government agencies, nonprofits, NGOs, and private sector companies.

WI-HER’s Unique Training Methodology  

For every client, WI-HER crafts a customized training program and curriculum based on an organization’s wants and needs through the use of our innovative and results-oriented iDARE methodology. This process begins well before the launch of the training program, with WI-HER conducting a rapid organizational needs assessment to ensure an intersectional approach is in place to address organizational gaps, barriers, and inequities. The results of the needs assessment then inform the customized training curricula and approach.  This rapid assessment typically involves:

  • Desk reviews, including of an organization’s policies, as well as relevant international and national policies relevant to an organization’s work
  • Formative discussions: A combination of focus group discussions and key informant interviews with various staff members at all levels of the organization. WI-HER’s senior subject matter expert, project manager, and training facilitator typically lead interviews.

Once a company’s needs are identified and understood, WI-HER develops tailored curriculum and training materials, which may include either virtual or in-person training workshops, and takes into account different learning styles, including visual, auditory, physical, verbal, logical, social, and more. Moreover, WI-HER creatively delivers content through a step-by-step process that includes:

  1. Sensitizing participants to the purpose and goal of the training;
  2. Instructor-led interactive training and delivering content through multiple workshops and formats;
  3. Assessing participants’ knowledge;
  4. Applying participants’ knowledge through an action plan that participants will use to address issues identified during the training; and,
  5. Follow-up support and coaching after the initial training sessions are complete. This full-service offering ensures the training has the desired outcome for an organization.

A Sample of Trainings Offered by WI-HER

WI-HER’s training and capacity development offerings are uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. With our expert team and proven methodology, we work closely with organizations, agencies, and partners to curate and design a customized program that will drive effective and sustainable results. A sampling of the base training programs we offer currently include:

  • Gender, equity, and social inclusion (GESI) training, including how to recognize gender bias and ensure gender equality and inclusivity are mainstreamed and institutionalized within your organization.
  • Leadership strengthening, including developing leadership skills among managers to guide appropriate workplace policies, procedures, and oversight.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion training, including how to identify and address structural biases that drive discrimination in the workplace.
  • Workplace sexual harassment prevention training, including how to navigate sensitive topics in the workplace and how to prevent sexual misconduct to create safe work environments for all.
  • Human trafficking prevention training, including training on workplace policies and guidelines and regulations compliance.

To learn more about our customized training packages, and how WI-HER can best support your organization’s needs, please contact:

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