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Our Services

Technical Expertise

* Facilitating locally-led development and change

* Inclusive development (e.g. working directly with people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+, migrants, and other individuals who have been historically excluded).

* Gender and development (gender equity and social inclusion)

* Gender-based violence prevention and response, including GBV clinical expertise

* Program implementation (social and behavior change; monitoring, evaluation, & learning (MEL); service delivery; collaborating, learning, & adapting (CLA); quality improvement; community mobilization)

* Multi-level capacity strengthening for governments, local organizations, private sector, and communities

* Strengthening service delivery and access (integrated health systems and integrated market access, such as building evidence-driven frameworks to improve access to various markets)

* Long- and short-term technical assistance

Leadership Development

* Leadership coaching

* Strategic planning and advisory services

* Employee engagement and change management

* Workforce development (customized participatory training programs)

* Human trafficking and workplace harassment awareness and prevention

Technology and Data-Centered Approaches

* Monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL); assessments; and third-party evaluations

* Data analysis and visualization

* Research (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods)

* Real-time equity data digitization

* Accessibility (ensuring a positive user experience on technology platforms through 508 compliance and other technology initiatives)

* Customer experience (leverage local data and experience, coupled with our own in-house technical expertise, to shape and improve interventions)

Institutional Change & Organizational Development

* Customized, evidence-based, participant-driven training solutions (online/in-person training courses)

* Linking individual capacity and organizational performance (local governance, business coaching and mentoring, and strategic planning)

* Participatory evaluations to foster learning-informed decision-making and optimize change processes

* Policy reform and advocacy, including workplace policies

* Employee and Organizational Culture Experience

* Small and medium business development (SME; this includes co-creating solutions and adapting tools/resources to more thoughtfully consider an organization’s key priorities)

* Business coaching and mentoring

* Knowledge management and learning

* Leadership transitions

* Customized safety planning (i.e. training in emergency management and workplace safety, including sexual harassment prevention and response)

* Gender in procurement reform

Stories of Impact

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