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Putting Evidence Into Action: USAID Building Evidence for Decision-Making (BE4D)

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Informed decision-making and learning should always begin by gathering and evaluating quality quantitative and qualitative data in a thoughtful way that ultimately contributes to the overarching goals of partners, agencies, and institutions. With this approach in mind, WI-HER is working alongside prime Environmental Incentives on the 5-year Building Evidence for Decision-Making (BE4D) program, which is a part of the Bureau for Inclusive Growth, Partnerships, and Innovation (IPI) at USAID.

With our fellow consortium members, including Causal Design, Foundations of Success, Headlight Consulting, and NORC at the University of Chicago, we collaborate in generating data and evidence that can be used for learning and decision-making in various USAID operating units and global Missions. More specifically, WI-HER helps put the evidence generated into action through technical assistance in sectors such as education; economics and market development; innovation, technology, and research; democracy, rights, and governance; and private sector engagement.

With our expertise in gender equity and social inclusion in conjunction with our human-centered iDARE methodology, WI-HER engages local actors, fosters locally-led development, and co-creates and adapts tools, resources, and systems that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. By involving the individuals who are at the heart of our activities, we take a gender-sensitive and inclusive approach in everything we do. 

Our work also includes but is not limited to the design of monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) approaches used in various strategies, programs, and activity designs under USAID BE4D; as well as conducting impact evaluations, performance evaluations, assessments, surveys, data analysis, and more. All of these efforts contribute to efficient process facilitation, high-quality technical assistance, and strong collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA).

“With my diverse team’s wide-ranging background and expertise in both technical implementation and strategic assistance, WI-HER is recognized for its leadership in co-designing tools and resources that greatly contribute to not only evidence generation but also creating a holistic and inclusive path forward,” said Dr. Taroub Harb Faramand, WI-HER President and Founder. 

Through our work on BE4D, we support evidence-based decision-making as well as the application of collaborating, learning, and adapting across all activity objectives. 

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