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Workplace Harassment & Human Trafficking Prevention & Response

WI-HER’s approaches and methodologies have been tailored to reflect each client’s workforce profile, internal culture, and strategic priorities. WI-HER builds self-reliance among stakeholders to comply with USG rules and regulations, mainstream gender and advance diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, as well as enforce zero tolerance sexual harassment and anti-human trafficking policies for a safe and inclusive work place for all.
Our approach
WI-HER has developed standardized multi-day, in-person core trainings and materials that address DEIA and raise awareness of risks that individuals may encounter facing bias, stigma, harassment and discrimination on the job, risks to human trafficking, sexual harassment, gender-based violence, and unintended consequences that may prove harmful to marginalized or vulnerable groups. WI-HER supports training participants and wider organization staff to follow up and apply learnings to improve policies and practices to be safer, more diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible. 
Our services
WI-HER’s team:
  • Conducts in-depth reviews of organizational policies, US government policies, international and national policies relevant for the organization’s area of work.
  • Conducts confidential surveys, focus group discussions and key informant interviews with representatives of staff to understand workplace culture, environment, policies and practices.
  • Develops and delivers customized training services and supports a suite of activities to strengthen and improve an organization’s operational policies for harassment and sexual misconduct prevention and response, gender mainstreaming and integration, and human trafficking prevention.
  • Facilitates safe and inclusive dialogues within organizations to improve safety, diversity, equity among staff.
  • Supports the institutionalization of change management within organizations to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility within reporting structures, human resource management, sexual and workplace harassment reporting and other areas as needed.
  • Supports organizations to establish confidential and safe feedback and whistleblowing mechanisms as well as confidential investigations and follow-up of reports that are conducted in a transparent, fair, and just manner.
Example of our work
Through the USAID Integrated Health Program (IHP) in Nigeria, WI-HER has led over 30 trainings as of December 2022, focusing on topics such as inclusion and GYSI sensitive communication in the workplace; inclusive hiring, advancing and management practices; sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment; social inclusion; health status and health access for persons with disabilities; gender-based violence; the added value of gender and social inclusion in measurement; using inclusive and gender sensitive language; and inclusivity in the workplace. These trainings are one-to-three-day trainings that always conclude with an action plan and clear follow up to practically apply learnings. The trainings are tailored for participants representing IHP staff, government (national and state), and facilities across five states in Nigeria. 
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